Tips for Beginning Photographers

(c) Copyright 2010 David Dilworth

1. Use a tripod.

2. Set your camera on Automatic or "P" (for Program) until you can reliably take photos you are happy with. (Digital camera automatic modes are now very good to excellent for most photographs. "Aperture" or "Time/Shutter" or Manual modes are not needed for 90 percent of your photography.)

3. Use a Tripod.

4. Use the Lowest number ISO available (probably 100) or Auto-ISO if available.

5. And Finally -- Any professional can tell you are NOT serious about making high quality, sharp images if you don't use a Tripod.

(And yes, they can tell by a quick examination of your prints.)

Shrink Photos Easily for Better Emails

Here's a helpful site that will shrink your photos so you don't CLOG up your friends' emails with giant RAW photos