Five Landscapes at The Clement – One Day Only

Dazzling Laurie at the Clement

Dazzling Laurie at the Clement
enhancing 'Rock, Ridge, Sea and Endless Sky'

Due to a (very) special event, you might see a few of my Big Sur Landscapes at The Clement on Cannery Row – today only. The Clement has its own rather special view of our Monterey Bay.

Event Report: It was a beautifully sunny, day for a wonderful event, with fun folks (music quiet enough to converse with) and dancing.

Displaying were —
Fog Tsunami
Rock, Ridge, Sea and Endless Sky
Poppy Picnic

South Coast Waterfall
Breathtaking Vista
Big Sur Spring Green and Blue

Big Sur Aqua“, and

(The landscape photographs received so many heartfelt laudatory comments, I was a bit embarrassed – but delighted to share my work with such kind and appreciative people.)

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