Wafting Fragrance of Hops

Dom Perignon White Gold

Dom Perignon White Gold

On a recent wilderness photography hike I kept getting wafts of an odd scent. Was the mysterious odor in my clothes, or hat? After a few hours a light went on as I recognized the smell as beer. That was odd, because I don’t drink beer.

Taking a shower afterwards and still smelling the beer I realized the scent wasn’t from my clothes – it was coming from my hair. More precisely from a new hair conditioner recommended by a girl friend; a woman’s hair conditioner. (Hey why not? I’ve spent years trying to find a good conditioner.)

It rapidly dawned on me – that is a darn clever sales tactic: A woman’s hair smells like beer – and men in bars flock to her ! Apparently women have used actual beer in their hair for years intentionally, though I’ve never heard anyone admit to this particular line of reasoning.

Of course the more discerning woman’s hair should have a fragrance of a fine Chablis, or better yet Dom Perignon White Gold.

None of those would work on me though, since I don’t imbibe. (There’s a reason they call it “intoxicating.”)

Me? I probably couldn’t walk past a woman wearing the scent of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

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