Colleagues’ Fine Art Websites

(alphabetically by first name)


Berkley White – Underwater Adventures

Cara Weston, Big Sur – Clouds, Architecture

Christine Humphreys – Wild-Life International

Chuck Davis – Underwater Spendor

Cole Weston (1919-2003), Big Sur – Landscapes

Dave Glover – Landscapes and Nudes

Jeffrey Becom – Vivid Architecture

John Sexton – Wild Landscapes (Black and White)

Morley Baer (1916-1995) – Wild Landscapes, Architecture (Black and White)

Peter McArthur – Landscapes (Black and White)

Tony Keppelman – Exquisite Landscapes (Black and White)

Victoria Nethery – Rich Textures and Colors 

William Giles – People and Scenery


Terrence Zito – Landscapes, Pacific Grove, Mediterranean

Sofanya – Portrait Essences, Big Sur

Paola Berthoin – Landscapes: Carmel Valley

Melissa Lofton – Landscapes

Lucas Blok – Color and Science

Lisa Bryan – Animals, Architecture, Portraits

Konnie Mast – Pet Portraits

Cristina Micheletti – Landscapes: Africa, Carmel, Italy

Erin Gafill – Landscapes, Big Sur

Anna May Bennett, Sunshine Coast, Canada


Audrey Lynne Cook, Carmel

Dennis Handy, Humboldt

and Illustration

Logan Parsons

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