Artist's Philosophy

"I try to bring back pro-tographs of the magical majesty of our world's most beautiful wild scenery, of nature's own unspeakably magnificent fine art."

I am always grateful, almost never take for granted, that I have been given a gifted life that allows me to see a lot of spectacular natural beauty. I often experience breathtakingly sublime wild places at times when no one else is within miles.

I particularly enjoy Storms, Sunsets and Sunrises, Nocturnes (dawn, dusk and twilight), and wild animals. I try to capture those magical visions and bring them back for you. When fortune is with me, the images closely resemble some of the heart-stopping beauty I've seen.

No amount of words could ever describe the emotional thrill of some spectacular phenomena I’ve seen -- so I have to try to capture it so I can remember the delight I felt when I was there.

Many of my images support the definition that "good luck" is when preparation meets opportunity: Meteor Over Point Lobos, Condor Kiss, Mother Nature's Valentine (Heart), Eye Light, Big Sur Dawn, Welcome My Children, Point Lobos Blue-Green Flash, Big Sur Turbulence, Vivid Vision, and Half Dome Snow Smoke.

I did not exactly plan any of those moments, but thank goodness I was prepared for them. They help make up for the exquisite moments when I didn't have a camera. Like the spectacular Carmel Sunset in Fall 2008 which was so far beyond 1,000 words . . .