Party: Friday October 4th 6-8pm Art Opening at Unitarian Church in Carmel/Monterey

Clearing Storm Sunset, Pt Lobos, Big Sur

Clearing Storm Sunset, Pt Lobos

"Spectacular Surprises of our Monterey Coast," a collection of some 12 special photographs of our breathtaking countryside, will be shown in Monterey's Unitarian Church Sanctuary from September 11 to October 21, 2013.

David Dilworth shows some of his favorite pro-tographs(1) of the magical majesty of our world's most beautiful wild scenery.

"No amount of words could ever describe the emotional thrill of some spectacular phenomena I've seen so I have to try to capture it so I can remember.'

David only recently thought of himself as merely an "art appreciator," but has changed his mind since getting rave reviews and rewards. He has spent thousands of hours capturing more than 100,000 images and is amused to have won an international competition in London.

Wildflower Avalanche

Wildflower Avalanche

The work displayed includes:
Big Sur Poppy Scape
Big Sur Turbulence
Vivid Vision
Mt. Toro Snowstorm
Poppy Picnic

Clearing Storm Sunset, Pt Lobos
Poppies, Carmel Bay
Rock, Ridge, Sea and Endless Sky
Wildflower Avalanche
Oak Cloud Ablaze, Carmel Valley

Milky Way - Big Sur
Soberanes Fog Tsunami

More of David's work "Nature's Nobility in Award Winning Fine Art Images" can be seen at

There is a reception this Friday to which all are invited on Friday, October 4, 2013 from 6 to 8 at the Unitarian Church on 490 Aguajito Rd near the Pebble Beach Highway One Gate.


1. A Pro-tograph is a photograph made without using a negative.

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