Gallery Art Opening Party Success

(Jan 31, 2011) Tom Davies and I had a fabulous Art Opening Party at Big Sur’s

Hermitage Gallery Opening Party

Friends at Camaldolese Hermitage Gallery Opening Party

Camaldolese Hermitage Gallery this past Sunday.
More than a dozen friends “braved” the rain showers to caravan along the exciting scenic excursion from the Peninsula.

Two dear family friends even drove all the way from Davis to surprise me, join in AND celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary by staying at the Hermitage ! and I especially enjoyed meeting some resident monks.

Our fabulous art curator, BeBe, arranged the show so it looks marvelous (and I’m delighted so many were mesmerized by my photographic slide show). She also featured my work (and a nice photo of Tom) in their quarterly newsletter which is mailed around the world.

The prints on display include: Big Sur Poppy Scape, Breathtaking Vista, Big Sur Dawn, South Coast Waterfall (shown above), Fog Tsunami;
Rock, Ridge, Sea and Endless Sky; Big Sur Aqua, and Poppy Picnic (shown below).
I’m predicting a spectacular Big Sur Spring filled with flowers.

My work will be showing until May, so pack a picnic and come on down. I’m predicting a spectacular Big Sur Spring filled with flowers :-)

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