Artist's Background

After growing up in forests, mountaintops and shoreline of Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove and Big Sur and describing himself as merely an "art appreciator," David was delighted to discover others thought he had artistic ability, getting rave reviews from friends and winning fine art competition awards for his color landscapes.

Attending photographic exhibits at Carmel's Sunset Center since the early days of "Friends of Photography," David did not realize that Fine Art Photography could be in color until he saw his friend Cole Weston's spectacular large color prints.


David has spent thousands of hours capturing more than 100,000 images, and has been honored with numerous awards including winning an international competition in London.

His work has been collected locally by Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) and is in private collections as far away as New England.

Called a "Sunset Gourmet" by his father for his zeal to drop everything to see every possible "Green Flash," his most recent gallery exhibition (and fabulous opening party of course) was at Big Sur's Camaldolese Hermitage. (Check the blog for announcements of new shows.)

Public slide shows are often presented for Carmel Foundation, Canterbury Woods, REI, Forest Hill Manor and for Big Sur's Henry Miller Gallery on their 20x30 foot screen.

This website displays some 150 of his unique images in the areas of : Landscapes, Fluid Flows, Sunsets / Twilight / Moonrise / Dawn, Soaring Birds (plus a Condor Kiss), Trees, and Nature's Patterns


As a professional environmental science consultant, David is known for helping dozens of environmental groups achieve more than eight hundred environmental successes since 1992. While some successes were small, several have international importance.

David is sometimes known, perhaps with tongue in cheek, as the fellow who stopped both "Dirty Harry" and "The Terminator" for leading successful efforts to protect the Pebble Beach imperiled Monterey pine forest of tens of thousands of trees from Clint Eastwood's "Chainsaw Massacre" and the battle to stop Governor Schwarzenegger's aerial spraying of the Monterey Peninsula with untested, secret pesticides.

He has also lead efforts to protect thousands of acres of imperiled forests, wild lands, their endangered species, wildlife and watercourses; directly taught hundreds of people about forest ecosystems on walks in the native forests and taught thousands more of many disciplines in environmental science, law and policy.

He has written adopted world class laws for water conservation, silence protection, and Campaign Finance and Conflict of Financial-Political Interests; and several model environmental and democracy protection policy elements designed to be used anywhere worldwide.